Joss Paper Ceremony

Artist: Henry Soulen
Price:  Sold

A Persian Orientalist Showgirl

Artist: Cardwell Higgins
Price:  $3,950.00

China Gold Interior Illustration

Artist: Martha Sawyers
Price:  $2,800.00

Song of the Nile

Artist: L. Goddard
Price:  SOLD

Sue Carol with Boudoir Doll

Artist: Henry Clive
Price:  $6,500.00

Encounter In A Sinister Place

Artist: Harold McCauley
Price:  $1,650.00

Before the Altar

Artist: Charles Edward Chambers
Price:  $9,850.00

A Tong War Hatchet Man

Artist: Pedro Llanuza
Price:  Sold

Kwan Yen

Artist: Frederic Poole
Price:  $13,500.00

The Rickshaw

Artist: Henry Soulen
Price:  Sold

The Forest Nymphs

Artist: Sidis
Price:  Sold


Artist: Henry Clive
Price:  Sold

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