Artist: Peter Driben
Price: $15,000.00 $12,000.00

Mr. Pibb and Friend

Artist: Maxfield Parrish
Price: $6,500.00 $5,200.00

Dancer And Pierrot

Artist: Charles Martin
Price: $3,850.00 $3,080.00

The Book of Ovid

Artist: Gaspano "Gus" Ricca
Price:  SOLD

The Baby Factory

Artist: Harold McCauley
Price: $2,950.00  $2,360.00

City In Ruins

Artist: Unknown American Artist
Price: $3,500.00 $2,800.00

18th Century Courtesan

Artist: Clarence Polly Hill
Price: $2,350.00  $1,880.00

Hills in Norway

Artist: Sigurd Skou
Price: $4,500.00 $3,600.00


Artist: Charles Winter
Price: $15,000.00 $12,000.00

The Forest Nymphs

Artist: Sidis
Price:  Sold

The Conjurer

Artist: Mahlon Blaine
Price: $5,500.00  $4,400.00

A Sea Siren

Artist: Willy Pogany
Price: $1,400.00  $1,120.00

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