City In Ruins

Artist:Unknown American Artist
Medium:Oil On Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 20" X 24"
Original Use:Fine Art
Price: $3,500.00

Full view


Detail of impasto brush work

Dating to the WPA-era, when many American artists turned their attention to the perils of modernity, urbanization, and the consequences of industrialization, this oil on canvas fine art painting takes a surreal and bleak apocalyptic look at a cityscape (likely New York City) being set upon by a serpent and the wolves that act as his familiars. The artist of this work is unknown to us, so we have been unable to do much research into which, if any, traditional folklore inspired these creatures, but this is a tremendous example of the terrifying dreamscapes that were popular among Ashcan-inspired artists, and Regionalists. The artist here used a really heavily applied impasto paint technique in such a manner that the serpents eyeballs rise a quarter of an inch of the canvas. This is a remarkably bizarre work that intrigues everyone who comes across it.

Framed view in wide profile Arts & Crafts frame

Verso view of canvas on original pine stretchers


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