You'd Be Surprised

Artist: Rolf Armstrong
Price: $18,500.00  $14,800.00

California Spanish Girl

Artist: Henry Clive
Price: $13,500.00 $10,800.00

Art Deco Blonde in Black Satin

Artist: American Artist
Price: $3,500.00 $2,800.00

Pin-Up Girls of History - Cleopatra

Artist: Henry Clive
Price:  SOLD

Louise Rainer in A Kiss For Cinderella

Artist: James Montgomery Flagg
Price: $1,350.00 $1,080.00

The Masquarade - A Scarecrow

Artist: Henry Clive
Price: $7,500.00 $6,000.00

A Dashing Joan Crawford

Artist: R. Wilson Hammell
Price: $4,500.00  $3,600.00

Portrait Of Norma Shearer

Artist: Charles Sheldon
Price: $2,500.00 $2,000.00

Florence Vidor in Love the Magician

Artist: Cardwell Higgins
Price: $1,500.00 $1,200.00

Sue Carol with Boudoir Doll

Artist: Henry Clive
Price: $6,500.00  $5,200.00

Claudette Colbert

Artist: Mila Baine
Price:  SOLD

Jeanette MacDonald

Artist: McClelland Barclay
Price:  SOLD

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