54-40 Or Fight

Artist: Arthur Keller
Price: $3,500.00  $2,800.00

The Duel

Artist: Henry Soulen
Price: $6,500.00  $5,200.00

Cleaning Compounds

Artist: T. N. Thompson
Price: $2,500.00  $2,000.00

The McClure's Maiden

Artist: Will Hicok Low
Price:  S O L D

A Celtic Tragedy

Artist: John Hemming Fry
Price:  SOLD

Mary Brian in The Enchanted Hill

Artist: Eugene Robert Richee
Price:  S O L D

Happiness A Plenty

Artist: Nell Brinkley
Price:  SOLD

A Romance Novel

Artist: Raymond Pease
Price:  S O L D

The Devil's Daughter

Artist: Margaret Lindsay Williams
Price:  Sold

Lighting the Fire

Artist: E. B. Segner
Price:  S O L D


Artist: Zoe Mozert
Price:  S O L D

Duchess Yolande

Artist: Eric Pape
Price:  S O L D

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