Lighting the Fire

Artist:E. B. Segner
Medium:Gouache on Illlustration Board
Dimensions:SIght Size 16" x 13" Framed 271/2" x 24 1/2 "
Original Use:Original Advertising Art for Raleigh Cigarettes
Price: S O L D
Above: Full View of gouache on illustration board
Above: Detail of Illustration
Above: Framed view in handsome period gesso frame

A stylish Art Deco era smartly rendered original gouache illustration painting created as Raleigh Cigarettes advertising. A flirty idealized modern couple spark up more than a conversation with a prominently featured cigarette.

This work is reminiscent in style and execution to some of the deco period George Petty advertising illustrations for "Acme Beer" and "Chesterfield Cigarettes" of the same era. Nicely matted and framed in an art deco period gesso handsome wood frame.

Above: Verso notations

A bio on Ellen Barbara Segner

Above: The artists signature

One of the few female pin-up and glamour artists. Her women are out-going and outdoorsie, involved in the type of activities most artists reserved for men, from skiing to shooting.

Still, despite her ability with sporting gals, she's best remembered for two children-centered icons: Little Miss Sunbeam (the spokesgirl for Quality Bakers' Sunbeam bread) and the Dick and Jane school readers. The artist also did Calendar work for the Thomas D Murphy Calendar Company Red Oak Iowa; during the 1940's .


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