Maiden with Lamb

Artist: Arthur John Elsley
Price:  $7,500.00

Provocative Pre-Pin-Up Redheaded Beauty

Artist: Henri Rondel
Price:  $3,500.00

54-40 Or Fight

Artist: Arthur Keller
Price:  $3,500.00


Artist: Willy Müller-Gera
Price:  $1,800.00

Victorian Mourning Interior Scene

Artist: C. Clyde Squires
Price:  $2,450.00


Artist: Henry Hutt
Price:  Sold

She Wanders

Artist: Tracy Porter Rudd
Price:  Sold

Cupid And Psyche

Artist: Will Hicock Low
Price:  Sold


Artist: Patten Wilson
Price:  Sold

Thoughts of Pascal

Artist: Harrison Fisher
Price:  Sold

Victorian Moon

Artist: Charles Howard Johnson
Price:  Sold

She Gave Him The Signal

Artist: Eric Pape
Price:  Sold

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