Red Cross Roll Call

Artist: American Artist
Price: $7,500.00 $6,000.00

Meeting The Kind Nurse

Artist: C. Clyde Squires
Price: $4,500.00 $3,600.00

Safe Passage

Artist: E.F. Ward
Price:  Sold


Artist: Eugene Savage
Price: $17,500.00 $14,000.00

Waving Goodbye

Artist: F. R. Harper
Price: $6,500.00  $5,200.00

The Prayer of the Women

Artist: Francis Luis Mora
Price: $9,500.00 $7,600.00

Christening The Ship

Artist: Stephen Ronay
Price:  Sold

Out Of The Rubble

Artist: F.R. Harper
Price:  Sold

Nehi Soda Par-T-Pak

Artist: Frederick Sands Brunner
Price:  SOLD

Bombs Away

Artist: C.C. Beall
Price:  Sold

Cosmopolitan Clinch

Artist: Bradshaw Crandell
Price:  Sold

A Victory Roll

Artist: Walt Otto
Price:  S O L D

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