A Pre-View

Artist:Cardwell Higgins
Medium:Pastel on Illustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 21" x 29" Framed 32 1/2"x 40 1/2"
Original Use:Cover for Volume #1 Issue #1 of Screen Humor - January 1934
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of pastel
Above: The artist's distinctive signature
Above: A scan of the printed Cover Screen Humor - Jan. 1934

A rare surviving pastel cover illustration by Cardwell Higgins for the first issue of Screen Humor magazine; January 1934, Volume #1 - Issue #1. A very sexy flapper girl in silk stockings and garter belts from the art deco era when America's news stands were filled with these often times very short lived runs of titillating Spicy Pulp titles that featured brazenly erotic pin up girl depictions of showgirls and jazz-age playthings.

Above: Framed and matted and lined behind U.V. glass
Above: Detail
Above: Frame profile and matting detail

"The Spicy's" as they have come to be known were quickly stamped out by enforced "decency laws" that centered around the illegalities of mailing what was deemed as pornographic materials. The artwork form this era is especially collected today and several hardcover books have been published in recent years celebrating the artist's and paintings that appeared on these pulp magazine covers.

This is by all accounts a compelling image from the important collection of the sadly departed pin up art historian, writer, and collector Charles Martignette. Pastel is beautifully framed and matted and properly lined behind U.V. glass a scan of the printed cover is included with the pastel.


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