Banshee's Award, George McManus

Artist:Willy Pogany
Medium:Silverplated Over Bronze
Dimensions:Measures 15 3/4" x 8" Weighs 13 lbs 3 oz.
Original Use:Presented to McManus by Walt Disney in recognition of his work
Price: Sold
Above: Front view
Above: Willy Pogany signature

A unique offering from the estate of Charles Martignette, the original Banshee's club "Silver Lady" award presented to comic artist George McManus by Walt Disney himself on January 16th, 1952 at a Beverly Hills luncheon. This award statue was designed by another legendary illustrator, Willy Pogany, and features a pin-up girl and an elf and is silver-plated over cast bronze. This was purchased by us at the Charles Martignette estate auction in Delray Beach after the author's untimely and sudden death in 2008.

Above: Detail of banshee
Above: Another view

The Banshee's Club was a New York City luncheon group which presented yearly it's "Silver Lady" award to a deserving newspaper writer or artist. The inscription on this reads "Dedicated to George McManus, In Honor of His Immortal-"Bringing Up Father" Nov.8th 1951. The formal reception and presentation luncheon occurred on January 16, 1952, and this date is noted on Disney history sites as the date that Walt Disney presented McManus with this very award statue.

Above: Another view
Above: Bottom view

An interesting and historically important document that is rich in significance and well designed and conceived by the great Illustrator Willy Pogany recognizing the accomplishments of legendary comic illustrator George McManus creator of "Bringing Up Father" with it's beloved comic characters Jiggs and Maggie.


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