Ham Fisher And Three Nudes

Artist: James Montgomery Flagg
Price:  $35,000.00

The Red Napoleon

Artist: Harold von Schmidt
Price:  $9,500.00


Artist: Lejaren Hiller
Price:  $8,500.00

One Thousand and One Nights - The Harem

Artist: Raphaël Kirchner
Price:  $5,500.00

I Don't Go Too Far In Any Direction!

Artist: Harry Ekman
Price:  $28,500.00

Who – Who's There?

Artist: Edward Eggleston
Price:  $25,000.00

The Precipice Of Death

Artist: Paul Grabwinkler
Price:  $8,500.00

Song of the Nile

Artist: L. Goddard
Price:  SOLD


Artist: John Vassos
Price:  $15,000.00

La Coquette

Artist: Alberto Vargas
Price:  $15,000.00

Beauty Parade

Artist: Peter Driben
Price:  $18,500.00

They Shall Obtain Mercy

Artist: Eugene Savage
Price:  $25,000.00

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