A Persian Orientalist Showgirl

Artist: Cardwell Higgins
Price:  $3,950.00

Out of the Darkness

Artist: Edith Ballinger Price
Price:  $7,500.00

The Spoils of War

Artist: Orson Lowell
Price:  $1,950.00

The Jealousy of Man

Artist: Heinrich Kley
Price:  Sold

What Is Man?

Artist: Walter Beach Humphrey
Price:  $5,500.00

Liberty Unchained

Artist: Charles Winter
Price:  Sold

"Wow," Shrieked The Dragon

Artist: Edwin John Prittie
Price:  SOLD !!

Bizarre Idea

Artist: Heinrich Kley
Price:  Sold

Four Celestial Angels

Artist: Frederick Stuart Church
Price:  Sold

The Guardian

Artist: Charles Bosseron Chambers
Price:  Sold

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