The Night Cathedral

Artist: Alfred Statler
Price:  $2,500.00

A Roman Tragedy

Artist: Charles Winter
Price:  $14,500.00

American Industrialism

Artist: Cardwell Higgins
Price:  $1,950.00

Light Operator

Artist: Erle Loran
Price:  $7,500.00


Artist: Pal Fried
Price:  $2,950.00

New York World's Fair Mermaid

Artist: C.D. Williams
Price:  $9,500.00

Sally At The Seashore

Artist: Joseph Kostka
Price:  $1,500.00


Artist: Frantz Charlet
Price:  $4,500.00

The Precipice Of Death

Artist: Paul Grabwinkler
Price:  $8,500.00

Nude Contemplation

Artist: Harry Fisk
Price:  $1,950.00

The Studio Couch

Artist: Joseph Tomanek
Price:  $3,850.00

Wild Horses

Artist: Vladimir Yoffe
Price:  $2,250.00

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