How Did Life Begin On This Planet?

Artist:William Krieghoff
Date:September 1905
Medium:Gouache on illustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 15 1/2" x 22" Framed 30 1/2" x 34 3/4"
Original Use:Cover Art for Cosmopolitan Magazine
Price: S O L D
Above: Full View of Artwork
Above: Framed view in museum quality frame
Above: September 1905 Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine

A moving, evocotive, and expertly-painted Art Nouveau or Arts and Crafts-influenced illustration painting making reference to the interior story, Artificial Creation of Life by Garrett P. Serviss titled How Did Life Begin On This Planet?

This is by the illustrator William Krieghoff and the evolved technique at the turn of the last century is mind-boggling.

This piece personifies the allure of art nouveau, double matted in a large beautiful ornate frame.

Above: The artist's signature and date .
Above: Verso markings on artwork illustration


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