Birute Lithuanian Princess

Artist:Hy Whitroy
Medium:Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:25" x 20"
Original Use:Calendar Art for the Joseph C. Hoover and Son's Calendar Co.
Price: Sold
Close up view of painting.

Close up view of painting.

Full framed view.

Full framed view.

An early example of a fine art glamour painting, depicting "Birute," a 14th century Lithuanian princess from Hy Whitroy.
This was created as commissioned artwork for calendar reproduction by Hoover and Sons.
This oil on canvas is reproduced in The Great American Pin-Up (Martignetti and Meisel) on page 25, fig #15.
Along with Angelo Asti, Whitroy was a prolific Art Nouveau era Victorian glamour artist.

Above: Text and photograph from Great American Pin-Up


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