Enchanters of Famous Men Marie Mancini

Artist:Henry Clive
Date:April 4, 1948
Medium:Oil Over Greytoned Photostat of Starlette Maria Montez
Dimensions:Framed 28" x 20 1/2"
Original Use:Cover for The American Weekly Magazine
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of exotic beauty Maria Montez
Above: Date on verso of illustration board
Above: The artists signature


An original mixed medium illustration for the April 4, 1948 cover of The American Weekly Magazine, from the series Enchanters of Famous Men. This is a stylized portrait of Maria Mancini, 1629-1715, as posed by Universal International film star Maria Montez.

This was painted over a grey two-toned photostat that served as the base and a guide for the artist. Retains verso identification label by the hand of Henry Clive and artwork is dated on verso. Great gesso vintage frame freshly cleaned and ready to hang in your gallery, museum or house.

Above: Framed view in period gesso painted wood frame
Above: Verso label in artists hand


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