The Dragon Throne Returns To Mandalay

Artist:Jules Gotlieb
Medium:Gouache on Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 23" x 17" Framed 29" x 23"
Original Use:American Weekly Interior Illustration
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of mysterious imagery
Above: View with wood frame
Above: American Weekly stamp and verso board view
Above: Detail of artwork
Above: The artists signature and date lower middle

An exotic Far East-themed interior illustration for the January 30th 1949 edition of Randolph Hearst's American Weekly Magazine. Caption reads: " Queen Supi-Yaw-Lat and her wicked mother prodded the hen-pecked King to torture anyone who might be a rival." Framed in a gold wood suitable frame as seen.

Jules Gotlieb was a talented New York Illustrator and is listed in Who's Who In American Art , Davenports , The Illustrator in America and The Artist's Bluebook.

Above: Caption applied to verso
Above: Title on verso


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