The Elephant

Artist:Karl Godwin
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:Unframed 35" x 40"
Original Use:Original Illustration for Ethyl Gasoline Company
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of large oil on canvas illustration
Above: The circus aerialist detail
Above: Advertisement as it appeared in print

This large original circus motif oil painting was painted by famed illustrator Karl Godwin for Ethyl Gasoline captioned ... "Ethyl controls The Giant Power Of Gasoline ... "

Godwin was a painter, illustrator and setcher from Canada who studied with Charles Hawthorne and Sigguard Skou, at the ASL of New York City. He also taught commercial art at Chouinard Ark School in L.A. in the early 1920's.

His illustrations appeared as numerous car and radio and toiletry advertisements during The Grand Age Of American Illustration. An August 27, 1932 issue of Liberty Magazine with this piece as the inside cover advertisement is included in the sale .

Above: The artists signature
Above: The tamer

This rare surviving painting is large and very colorful and expressive and should appeal to a wide variety of collectors and decors. It is on original wood stretchers and is unframed.

Above: Another view


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