Collection of Golf-themed Gag Cartoons

Artist:Robert Pettes
Medium:Watercolor on Illustration Board
Dimensions:Diameter 9 1/2" Framed 18" x 14"
Original Use:Original Calendar Art for Brown & Bigelow
Price: S O L D
Above: The collection of 3 matted and ready to frame
Above: Illustration #1
Above: " When he drives - the best place to stand is between him and the hole ."
Above: Illustration #2
Above: " That's his favorite shot - scotch with a little soda "
Above: Illustration #3
Above: "... and seventeen makes one hundred thirty five"

We have a collection of three Gag Cartoons done by the well listed illustrator Bob Pettes for reproduction as calendar art by Brown & Bigelow.

These feature hapless "Scotch swilling " hacks — a la Caddyshack and Rodney Dangerfield — but decades earlier in this depiction. Ready to frame with expensive round cut matts. Pettes is best known as an illustrator for puzzle reproduction.

Above: Matted view of one illustration


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