Man the Beast

Artist:Lloyd Rognan
Medium:Gouache on illustration board
Dimensions:Sight Size 15" x 20" Framed 28" x 34"
Original Use:Cover for Rogue Magazine April 1956
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of gouache
Above: Framed view in ornate gesso vintage frame
Above: Worn version of printed cover
Above: Detail
Above: The artists signature

A rare surviving original cover illustration for Rogue For Men Magazine. Lurid genre defining work by Lloyd Rognan for an April 1956 edition. Rognan had a long and prolific career as an illustrator , he studied with an early WPA art student project , contributed regularily for Stars and Stripes.

Later his science fiction pulp artwork appeared as covers for such publications as Fate, Imagination and ImaginativeTales, and other sci- fi pulp magazines exploiting the "pre-Apollo" moon mission space travel craze. In the 60's, Rognan was also a regular staff artist for Brown & Bigelow and created a hillbilly humor line called Corn Squeezins.

This is a particularily rich interpretation of a Mens magazine cover, and finally someone had the nerve to portray things as seen here. Rogue was published from December 1955 - December 1967 by Greenleaf publishing and was a direct competitor with Playboy Magazine.

Above: Detail of " The Wolf "


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