A Young Woman Sailor

Medium:Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 22" x 30" Framed 25" x 33"
Original Use:Cover for St. Nicholas or other "Youth Magazine"
Price: Sold
Above: Full view
Above: Detail of edwardian attired young sailor
Above: Close-up

A presumable cover painting for a 1910-1920 edition of a young peoples magazine most likely St. Nicholas for Boys and Girls (I have yet to locate the specific magazine this was used for). A confident Edwardian attired young lady enjoying the active life as was prescribed in such periodicals after the turn of the last century in a post-Victorian idealized, more petite, feminine version of beauty. Looks like the work of Charles Relyea or perhaps Norman Price another possible candidate would be Charles Chase Emerson all of whom did covers in numorous periodicals in this genre.

Above: Charles Reylea artwork for the cover of St Nicholas
Above: Other period cover examples of this genre
Above: Framed View


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