Benda Mask Decorative Bookends

Artist:Wladyslaw Benda
Dimensions:5 1/4" x 4 1/2" x 3 1/4"
Original Use:Fine Decorative Art
Price: S O L D
Above: Bookends paired with 1945 edition of Masks written by Benda
Above: Close-up

From the estate of noted wildlife artist Paul Bramson comes this unique pair of W.T. Benda mask motif plaster bookends. These were most likely a gift: they are impressed and signed by the artist as seen, and the paint effect was applied by Benda himself to create an antiquated, relic type of "found remains" appearance.

Benda was a famed illustrator and exceptional mask maker and published a book in 1944 on his technique and glorious fine, often times whimsical masks.

Above: Detail of Artwork
Above: The artists' signature


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