Reclining Nude With a String of Pearls

Artist:Frederick Wallace
Medium:Oil on Canvas Mounted on Coard
Dimensions:Sight Size 32" x 18" Framed 38" x 24"
Original Use:Fine Art or Possible Illustration
Price: S O L D
Above: Detail of nude
Above: Detail

A skillfully executed, sexy boudoir posed nude interior scene. This large oil on canvas is by the well listed painter and portrait artist, Frederick E. Wallace.

Above: Oil on canvas reclining sexy nude
Above: The artists signature

Wallace a very well listed Virginia artist (1893-1958). His portraiture is seen in numerous museums and government offices, and he is listed in Davenports, Who's Who In American Art, The Artists Bluebook, and countless other art references. Work retains its original wood faux painted frame. A nice, fresh, new to the market Texas Estate find.

Above: Framed in original antique frame
Above: The artist's listing in Davenports


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