Feature Attraction

Artist:Earl Moran
Medium:Pastel on IIllustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 20" x 26" Framed 28" x 34"
Original Use:Commissioned Calendar Pin Up for Brown & Bigelow Calendar Company
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of pastel glamour girl
Above: Detail

A bright, fresh and new to the market original pastel pin up illustration by Earl Steffa Moran, comissioned for a late 1940s Brown & Bigelow calendar.

A winsome young pretty idealized redhead in a Hawaiian flavored sarong. Two small printed B & B marked calendars featuring "Feature Attraction" are included with sale. Pastel is properly lined and behind glass in a fine museum quality handsome gold gilt carved frame.

Above: Framed view in fine gold carved wood gilt frame
Above: Printed Brown & Bigelow vintage Calendar included in sale
Above: The artists signature
Above: Frame detail
Above: Published Calendar Included in sale


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