Rallying the Miners

Artist:Herbert Paus
Medium:Mixed Media on Illustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 13 1/2" x 10" Framed 34 x 25"
Original Use:Interior Illustration for American Magazine February 1931
Price: S O L D
Above: Full View of Artwork
Above: The artists signature
Above: Detail of laborers

A fantastic WPA-themed interior illustration from the February 1931 issue of American Magazine. A Union president riles up a group of miners for an epic David versus Goliath style battle, from the seat of a stylish touring coupe.

Herbert Paus was a gifted and prolific illustrator, known for his highly technical & visionary watercolor industrial illustrations. He designed World War One posters and illustrated numerous covers for Liberty, Popular Science, Life, Delineator, and Collier's magazines. Like Edward Penfield, Paus was for many years an illustrator for Hart Shaffner and Marx clothiers.

Above: Framed view in beautiful period ornate corner gesso frame
Above: Verso notations from American Magazine
Above: Published version of image in American Magazine
Above: Frame detail
Above: WWI Poster with Artwork by Herbert Paus

An enthusiastic modernist, he worked prolifically creating defining and iconic images of American industrialization. His commissions included Goodyear Tires and Willy's Automobiles. A major artist and illustrator from The Golden Age of American illustration.

Above: Sunday Magazine Cover note stylized Arts & Crafts Shop of the Crafters furniture
Above: Color example of Hart Shaffner & Marx ad
Above: Hart Shaffner & Marx ad from Saturday Evening Post


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