Gentlemen For Rent

Artist:Lloyd Rognan
Medium:Gouache on Illustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 15" x 18" Framed 23 1/2" x 26 1/2"
Original Use:Cover Art Rogue For Men - Premiere #1 Issue
Price: S O L D
Above: Full View of Painting
Above: Framed view in period fine wood frame

A rare surviving original cover illustration for Rogue For Men magazine by Lloyd Rognan for the premiere edition, a December 1955 Volume #1, Edition #1. Rognan had a long and prolific career as an illustrator, he studied with an early WPA art student project, contributed regularily for Stars and Stripes. Later his science fiction pulp artwork appeared as covers for such publications as Fate, Imagination and ImaginativeTales , and other sci- fi pulp magazines exploiting the "pre Apollo" moon mission space travel craze. In the 60's, Rognan was also a regular staff artist for Brown & Bigelow and created a hillbilly humor line called Corn Squeezins.

This is a particularily rich interpretation of a Mens magazine cover, and illustrates the interior story on page 9 of included published issue magazine, story is titled Gentlemen for Rent by Ted Peckham. Rogue was published from December 1955 - December 1967 by Greenleaf publishing and was a direct competitor with Playboy Magazine.

Above: Published First Edition (ncluded in Sale)
Above: Editors introduction
Above: The artists signature and printers notations
Above: Before framing


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