Fishin' Fever

Artist:William Medcalf
Medium:Oil on Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 22" x 27" Framed 26" X 31"
Original Use:Original Calendar Art for Brown & Bigelow The American Road Series
Price: S O L D
Above: Oil on board
Above: The artists signature

A crisply rendered Americana themed original commissioned calendar art oil painting, created for a Brown & Bigelow series titled The American Road. Bill Medcalf was the calendar company's star artist and alongside Norman Rockwell created the enduring and iconic Americana view of the slow paced rural life. Through the years, Medcalf continued drawing the same boy, dog, and small town doctor, aging them slowly and gracefully. Calendars from The American Road series featuring the characters are included with sale.

Above: Detail
Above: Framed view in period fine gesso period frame
Above: Similar artwork by artist published as Brown & Bigelow calendar "Fishing Fever"
Above: Norman Rockwell "The American Road" Calendar page from same series
Above: The artist at work circa 1950's


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