The Girl with the Lemon Colored Hair

Artist:Walter Baumhofer
Medium:Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 15" x 21" Framed 18" x 24"
Original Use:Interior Story Art for Cosmopolitan - September 1943
Price: S O L D
Above: "Lola", The Girl with The Lemon Colored hair
Above: The artists signature
Above: Detail

This is a bright, well-executed, published oil on canvas by "The King of the Pulps" Walter Baumhofer. Originally an interior illustration for The Girl With the Lemon Colored Hair, a short piece of fiction by the infamous author Vina Delmar. Beginning with "Bad Girl" in 1928, Delmar wrote a series of scandalous highly-sexed novels which shocked and entranced the country and were quickly made into Hollywood films. Her lurid writing is an obvious fit for Baumhofer's gift for haunting pulp images. In their conception, even this beauty blowing out candles on a birthday cake becomes all at once sensuous and ominous. This stunning artwork was published in the September 1943 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. A published tear sheet is included with sale.

Above: Framed view is fine wood frame
Above: As work appeared in magazine
Above: View of stretchers
Above: Artwork with tear sheet and story; Sept. 1943 Cosmopolitan


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