Moonlit Nude

Artist:Vaughan Bass
Medium:Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 22" x 28" Framed 26" x 32"
Original Use:Original Calendar Art for Louis F. Dow
Price: S O L D
Above: The reclining nude
Above: The artist's signature and corner frame detail

A breathtaking and evocative sensual moonlit nude by Vaughan Alden Bass. The Veronica Lake look-alike is drenched in streaming moonglow rays in her dark colored boudoir. The unusual color palette employed by Bass gives the work a surreal glow. A stirring masterful work by this under valued and gifted pin-up artist and illustrator. This was gathered from the Saint Paul Estate of a 92 year old woman whose husband worked for the Louis F. Dow Calendar Company. This fresh to the market find comes framed in an art deco aesthetic fine gesso gallery frame.

Above: Framed in fine quality gallery frame


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