Sweetheart of Sigma-Chi

Artist:Edward Eggleston
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 30" x 40" Framed 35" x 45"
Original Use:Calendar Art
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of oil on stretched canvas

A fabulous large and radiant original oil on canvas by the acclaimed American illustrator Edward Eggleston. This alluring, Edwardian attired glamour girl in luminous moonlight surround was a commissioned calendar artwork under the title "The Sweetheart of Sigmi-Chi." Produced in 1919 this same image also appeared (with a riverboat superimposed above the subject's right shoulder) under the title "Dixie. This is one of many instances where an illustrator would reuse a central image to save time while working up a new piece for a competing calendar company. In this instance, Eggleston so seamlessly removed the paddle boat from the original artwork I wouldn't have known it existed in that form if not for the image shown in Norm Platnick's A Lady of Mystery: A Collector's guide to Edward Eggleston.

Above: Framed View in period fine gesso carved frame
Above: Detail

Eggleston was born in 1882 and studied under Harvey Dunn, he was a member of The Society of American Illustrators and enjoyed a long and prolific career creating art deco fantasy themed calendar art for The Thos. D. Murphy Calendar Co, Brown & Bigelow and Joseph Hoover & Sons. He might very well be best remembered today for a series of iconic 1920's high style art deco Atlantic City travel posters with scenes of colorful inviting flapper girls along the then thriving Jersey seashores.

Above: Atlantic City Travel Poster by Eggleston

Original painted works by Eggleston are quite scarce and poster examples by the artist have sold in excess of $10,000.00 when offered at auction. This work is a luminous, masterful example in original ornate gesso period frame.

Above: Notations on verso
Above: The artists signature


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