None But the Brave Deserve the Fare

Artist:Edward Brewer
Medium:Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:20" x 31"
Original Use:Original Illustration Art for Cream Of Wheat Advertisement
Price: Sold

One of only a handful of Patriotic WWI themed works by Edward Brewer created for the Cream of Wheat advertising campaign. "None But The Brave..." features an attractive French waitress cheerily serving a US soldier stationed abroad. This 1918 artwork explores the post World War I Franco-American friendship and harmony. This new-to-the-market advertising painting is an iconic and luminous piece of American history in excellent condition, and embodies the finest of this storied advertising campaign.

Between 1911 and 1926 Edward Brewer created 102 original paintings for the Cream of Wheat Company. We will be unveiling 16 never before seen examples of these works in the coming weeks. Brewer's style is often compared to that of Norman Rockwell; both artists relied on familiar surroundings, family and friends and captured the innocence of childhood and the traditional values of family life. A published full page tear sheet of artwork is included in sale.


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