Erotic Nude in Park

Artist:Robert McGinnis
Medium:Oil on Canvas Mounted on Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 15" x 18" Framed 22" x 25"
Original Use:Fine Art or Possible Paperback Cover Illustration
Price: S O L D
Above: Full View of Artwork
Above: Detail

A sensational colorful & brilliantly rendered nude oil painting by Robert McGinnis, who is arguably the most talented living American illustrator. A fetching stylized nude by the iconic illustrator. He is responsible for the creating some of our cultures most ingrained visuals, including movie poster campaigns including the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" poster design and hundreds of book covers. A fine original work by a unique and gifted living legend and Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame member.

Above: The artist's signature
Above: Detail
Above: Framed in fine art nouveau 'bat wing' antique frame
Above: Frame detail

Robert E. McGinnis (born 1926) is an American illustrator known for his illustrations of paperback book covers and movie posters, including Breakfast at Tiffanys, Barbarella and several James Bond films. He is a member of the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame.


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