Amazing G.I. Who Took Three Head Hunting Brides

Artist:Mort Künstler
Medium:Gouache on Illlustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 22 1/2" x 15 1/2" Framed 24" x 30 3/4"
Original Use:Cover for Stag Magazine - January 1961
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of gouache painting
Above: The artists signature

A large gouache illustration for the January 1961 edition of Stag magazine. A daring night time rescue depiction illustrating the interior story "The Amazing GI Who Took Three Head Hunting Brides." A Pacific Island World War II entanglement complete with topless native women and native headhunters and a lone anglo-saxonized square jawed daring G.I.

Above: Detail
Above: Mort Kunstler and James Bama in 1961

In the 1960s and 1970s, men's magazines exploited Cold War tensions and capitalized on prevalent working class American fears. "The Sweats," as they are commonly known, followed the blueprint set by the pulp magazines of the previous generation, depicting perceived enemies as savages, Nazis, and Communist torturers.
Leading illustrators in this strangely subversive genre, such as Norman Saunders, James Bama, Norm Eastman, Rafael DeSota and Mort Kunstler, created sensational, figurative illustrations executed in a style markedly similar to Socialist Realism and its associated propaganda imagery.

Above: Xerox Copy of Published Art
Above: Verso notations
Above: Framed in simple black gallery frame


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