Wedding For Three

Artist:Edwin Georgi
Medium:Gouache on Illlustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 25 1/2" x 17 1/2" Framed 30" x 35"
Original Use:Interior Story Likely for Redbook Magazine January 1958
Price: S O L D
Above: Wedding for Three

A large, luminous, and otherworldly gouache illustration most likely created for Redbook Magazine, verso is dated January 1958. A most awkward wedding day depiction where seemingly the groom knew the bride and the bride's maid of honor when they used to rock and roll. A dazzling work by one of our favorite artists in a rainbow inspired color palette that only Georgi could have conceived. Beautifully matted and framed in a period gold gesso frame.

Above: Detail The luminous bride & brides maid
Above: Verso notations
Above: Framed in fine period gesso frame

Edwin Georgi (1896 - 1964) Originally leaving Princeton with the ambitions of being a writer, Georgi wrote copy in an agency until persuaded that he would make a better painter. His depiction of sultry, sensual femininity, with a bewildering palette of pearlescent hues, created a powerful image of eroticism in fifties America - and one of impeccable morality. His quality of light was unique - the highlights burning with adjacent areas of pink and lilac. The reflected light he loved so much seemed to come from beneath, and scattered around the face giving an almost unearthly glow.


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