The Holiday Season

Artist:Haddon Sundblom (attributed)
Medium:Oil on Bainbridge Illustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 27" x 13 1/2" Full Illustration Size 33" x 20"
Original Use:Original Illustration Art for Seasonal Christmas Advertisement
Price: S O L D
Above: Detail

A spirited Christmas seasonal advertising painting from the 1940s in the style of Chicago artist Haddon Sundblom. This commercial advertising illustration was created for an as of yet unidentified ad campaign in the Sundblom Shop/Chicago Studios aesthetic. It is our belief that this was painted by Sundblom himself.

Above: View of intended ad use area

Sundblom was an influential illustrator and art instructor whose pupils included Gil Elvgren and Joyce Ballantyne. Renowned for his wholesome Americana imagery including fresh faced beauties like the one featured in this painting, Sundblom's most famous advertising creation was the Coca-Cola Santa Claus.

Above: The artist as The Coca-Cola Santa Claus
Above: Framed in simple period newer black wood frame
Above: View of unmatted complete painted work
Above: verso view


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