On a Clear Day...

Artist:E. B. Segner
Medium:Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 24" x 32" Framed 30" x 38"
Original Use:Original Pin Up Calendar Art for Louis F. Dow
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of oil on painting
Above: The artists signature

An original 1946 commissioned oil on canvas by the female American Illustrator and occasional pin up artist E.B. Segner. Created for the Louis F. Dow Calendar Company, (the Saint Paul Minnesota rival and competitor of Brown & Bigelow) whose roster of artists included Billy Devorss, Gil Elvgren, Henry Clive, and Jules Erbit. Work is nicely framed in a newer gallery frame on original pine stretchers with notations from the Calendar Company.

Above: Verso notations from Louis F. Dow Calendar Company
Above: Framed view in new gallery frame

E.B. Segner is best remembered today for two children-centered icons: Little Miss Sunbeam (the spokesgirl for Quality Bakers' Sunbeam bread) and the Dick and Jane school readers. She also contributed calendar work for the Thomas D. Murphy and Louis F. Dow Calendar Companies.


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