Double Action Detective Menace Pulp

Artist:Rudolph Zirm (attributed)
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 29" X 21" Framed 34" X 25"
Original Use:Cover Illustration For Double Action Detective Pulp - January 1939
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of oil on canvas
Above: Detail

A tense and clever, menace-themed, rare surviving cover painting for the January 1939 issue of Double Action Detective.. A Science Fiction/Spicy Pulp epic entanglement illustrating George Alden Edson's story, The Midnight Murderer. This original oil-on-canvas painting is unsigned, we are of the strong belief that it was done by Rudolph Zirm. A xeroxed color print of the pulp magazine cover proof is included in the sale.

Above: Cover scan of Pulp this was created for

This image was also used as the cover for "Mystery Novels and Short Stories" by Double Action Publishers illustrating the interior story "Mistress of the Undead"; July 1940, a copy of this magazine is included in the sale.

Above: Complete issue July 1940 Mystery Novels and Short Stories (included in sale)


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