The Glory That Was Ancient Greece

Artist:L. Goddard
Medium:Mixed Media on Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 30" x 23" Framed 38" x 30"
Original Use:Original Calendar Art for Thos. D Murphy Calendar Company
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view
Above: Detail of maiden
Above: Detail
Above: A large Salesman Sample Calendar from 1930 Included in sale

A Grecian inspired, fantasy themed, mixed media illustration that was used by the Thos. D. Murphy Calendar company for a 1930 calendar titled "The Glory That Was Ancient Greece." This whimsical yet erotic Grecian maiden themed work consists of a heavily tinted photograph of the two Grecian adorned beauties by L.G. Woolfenden and an elaborate garden landscape painting by Rudolph Ingerle that envelopes the photographic element. This team of enterprising calendar art talents created numerous works under the pseudonym L. Goddard. Surviving original L Goddard artworks are quite rare and spectacular, and among our favorite examples of fantastical and escapist art deco/Great Depression calendar illustration. A large printed calendar from the Thomas D. Murphy calendar company archives is included in the sale.

Above: Framed view in wide profile original wood frame
Above: verso label from The Thomas D. Murphy Calendar Company
Above: Verso view of old stretchers and supports
Above: The artists signature
Above: Another view

The process of the creation of these works was ingenious

Woolfenden would photograph models in studio settings and these photos would be sized, cut and applied to a canvas. Then Ingerle would create a scene around the figures using oil paints, adding colored details to the photographic element of the works to blend the mediums into a seamless and believable reproducable canvas. Here is a behind the scenes look at an original studio photograph and its completed calendar counterpart as printed by Thomas D. Murphy.

Above: Posed photograph of models by Woolfenden
Above: Finished Thomas D. Murphy Calendar Company L.Goddard Sample


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