Nudes Along The California Coast

Artist:Edwin Bower Hesser
Medium:Gelatin Silver Original Photograph
Dimensions:4" x 5"
Original Use:Nude Study
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of photograph with margins

A dramatic and artfully posed gelatin silver original photograph by Edward Bower Hesser taken along the secluded shores of the California Coast. A pretty pair of lounging nude models which recalls the nude imagery of Edward Weston another noted nude Pictorialist who worked in Southern California during the 1920s - 30s art deco jazz-age. From an Allied Artist's Photographers Guild east coast estate. An original graflex photograph taken by Hesser for use in his "Art's Monthly Pictorial" photography magazine for artists and art students.

Above: Studio Arts Studies #10
Above: Interior Title page of Arts Monthly Pictorial with text by Edwin Bower Hesser
Above: Interior photo-plate from Hesser Arts Monthly Pictorial Magazine with photograph notes and title devised by Hesser


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