It's Your Funeral

Artist:H. L. Parkhurst
Medium:Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:21" x 30"
Original Use:Cover Art for Private Detective - June 1941
Price: S O L D
Above: Full view of painting
Above: The artist's signature
Above: A scan of the printed cover "Private Detective" June 1941

A lurid, action filled, original pulp cover oil on canvas by Harry Lemon Parkhurst / H. L. Parkhurst, one of the premier artists creating spicy pulp imagery for Culture Publications during the 1930s - 40s. This work illustrates "It's Your Funeral" by Robert A. Garron and was used as the cover for the June 1941 issue of Private Detective.

Above: Detail
Above: Detail
Above: Detail

Surviving pulp paintings for this title and by this artist are scarce and this painting has it all; action, danger, drama, menace and movement.

Above: Another view

This work has been relined and has benefited from expert restoration and cleaning. It displays with great impact. This is a rare surviving and really spectacular example of a spicy pulp cover painting from the art deco era.


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