Meeting At A Diner

Artist:American Artist
Medium:Graphite on paper with gouache highlights
Dimensions:Sight size 14" x 16" Framed 18 1/2" x 21"
Condition:Excellent with a few scuffs to the original surface
Original Use:Unknown
Price:$950.00 $760.00

Full view


This vintage illustration features a disheveled Jimmy Stewart type in rumpled raincoat and hat, being side-eyed with disdain. The other fellow appears to be wearing last night's tuxedo, if the stack of pancakes is any indication. Since we have yet identified the use or artist of this piece, we can't do more than speculate on the scene. We have been imagining it as a predecessor to Columbo, and expect that any second now the toff on the left will get his comeuppance.  Illustration is nicely framed and matted under glass.

Framed and matted under glass view


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