New Western Cowboy Pulp Cover

Artist:Sam Cherry
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size 14" X 18" Framed 18 1/4 X 22 1/4"
Original Use:Cover art for New Western Magazine, January 1947
Price:$5,500.00 $4,400.00

Full view

The artwork as it appeared as the cover of New Western Magazine -January, 1947

A fresh to the market oil painting on canvas by noted artist & illustrator Sam Cherry, this artwork was created for use as the cover of the January, 1947 issue of New Western Magazine. A lurid Wild West pulp spectacle of a rugged cowboy holding a hapless hostage in a chokehold with his handcuffs as he attempts to escape from the law in a dramatic shootout.

The versatile illustrator Sam Cherry excelled at creating eye catching covers that iconically captured the fear, terror, danger  and lawlessness which were the calling cards of the menace and western pulp titles of the era as this dramatic painting demonstrates. Painting has been handsomely framed and is ready to hang. Painting is marked "Cherry" on back stretcher bar.


Framed view

Back canvas view

Verso pencil notation detail



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