Re-Duce-Oids Advertising Statuette Mannequin

Artist:After Maurice Milliere
Medium:Hand painted ceramic
Dimensions:20" x 11" x 6"
Condition:Excellent with minimal paint losses on original surfaces
Original Use:Advertising Display Mannequin
Price:$1,950.00 $1,560.00

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Advertising text on base for Re-Duce-Oids Laxative


Just a remarkable, surviving, antique, Art Deco-era, flapper girl store display statuette mannequin from the 1920s. A svelte, scantily-clad jazz-baby for Re-Duce-Oids Laxatives promises the buyer a slender and shapely figure, as was the desired look during the Roaring Twenties era of exuberant, youthful whim and physical culture vigor. This figure is clearly styled after the work of the French illustrator Maurice Milliere, who worked for decades illustrating the pages of the notorious French publication La Vie De Parisienne. Milliere also created composition Boudoir Dolls during the 1920s that could be purchased on both sides of the Atlantic. This delicious figurine in a feminine dishabille of amazing artistry will appeal to collectors of many fields; pin-up art, comes to mind, as does advertising Americana, as well as the medical quackery collecting genre, as research on the history of this product and its parent company reveals Federal actions against it for false medical claims. Yet no one should be surprised that Re-Duce-Oids continued to be manufactured on through the 1930s before giving way to more modern less-scrutinized consumer quackery.






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