A Nude Cinderella

Artist:Art Frahm
Medium:Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:Framed: 26.25" x 32.25" – Sight Size: 23.25" x 29.5"
Original Use:Unpublished Thomas D. Murphy Calendar Co. Artwork
Price: Sold

Full view


Artist's signature


This striking and vibrantly colored oil on canvas pin-up painting by Art Frahm features a gorgeous redheaded nude draped in a lavender shawl. She delicately removes one of her high-heeled shoes while seated on a green fringed hassock. Her fair skin, red hair, rosy cheeks, and red lips are in beautiful contrast to the deep emerald green background. This is a stunning, fully envisioned piece by Frahm that was tentatively titled on the back stretcher bars "Cinderella". It is an unused and unpublished piece from the Thomas D. Murphy Calendar Company of Red Oak, Iowa (their notations are also on the back stretcher bars).

Frahm is best remembered for his "embarrassment" series of cheesecake images in which gleefully conceived fresh faced young wives trying to make their way through the world found themselves caught with their pants down--so to speak--while boarding buses, dropping off the mail, and even bowling. His name has become synonymous with lighthearted cheesecake. This is just a lively example of his work,  in fine condition and is housed inside an ornately carved and decorated wood frame.



Full framed view


Corner frame profile


Verso view


Verso notations



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