Artist:Anne Harriet Fish
Date:c. 1929 – 1932
Medium:Pen and Ink
Dimensions:Matted: 19.25" x 24" – Sight Size: 14" x 18.75"
Condition:Fine with faint surface wear in the upper right and bottom left corners
Original Use:Interior Illustration for The Tatler
Price: $1,250.00

Full view


An exciting Art Deco / Great Depression era pen and ink illustration by the social satirist Anne Harriet Fish, this was published in an issue of the British humor magazine "The Tatler." Fish, who periodically worked under her married name Anne Sefton Fish, is best known for her character "Eve," a coquettish flapper girl, whose exploits skewered the social mores of modernity. This particular illustration utilizes three overlapping panels to show the change of fortune that comes with a night at the casino. The first image shows Eve and her beau heading in the doors, the second shows her gambling without a seeming care in the world, and the third shows her serving her former friends poolside drinks.

The reversal of fortune theme was tremendously popular humor trope in the Depression, when the wealth of the few seemed particularly grotesque to the everyday person struggling to survive.

This piece is unsigned, but is quintessential Anne Harriet Fish style. Illustration is matted and ready to frame.










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