Western Short Stories Shootout

Artist:Norman Saunders
Medium:Oil on Illustration Board
Dimensions:Sight Size 14 1/2 X 19" Framed 17 1/2" X 22"
Original Use:Cover for the March, 1950 edition of Western Short Stories Pulp
Price: Sold

Full view

The published artwork -Western Short Stories, March 1950


This tense and dramatic cowboy pulp cover painting was created by Norman Saunders for the March, 1950 edition of Western Short Stories, a Street & Smiths publication. A rough and tumble cowboy with two six guns a blazing, saving a damsel in distress on horseback in an action packed tense getaway. Painting is in a fine state of conservation and is simply framed and ready to hang. Though not signed this is positively identified as the work of Saunders.

Verso view

Framed view


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