Lovers Clinch

Artist:Gil Elvgren
Medium:Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:17" x 20"
Original Use:Illustration of Unknown Usage
Price: Sold



Obscured but still legible signature "Elvgren"




A wonderful vignette styled oil on canvas illustration painting by Gil Elvgren showing a young, stylish and very much in love couple in a warm clinch. This is of unknown publication usage. It is signed in the lower right corner "Elvgren" but the signature has been overpainted (shortly after this was painted as the area does not fluoresce under a black light). The signature is still legible and readable. The woman's face and hands in particular show what a master Elvgren was at capturing the female form. This was likely created when the artist was working at The Stevens-Gross Ad Agency in Chicago under his mentor Haddon Sundblom, before he embarked on his long and wildly successful career as Brown & Bigelow's premiere pin-up artist. This was recently purchased by us at the home estate sale of fellow pin-up artist William 'Bill' Medcalf.


Full view


Verso view of stretched canvas on original pine stretcher bars


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