Supper Call

Artist:Hy Hintermeister
Medium:Oil on Stretched Canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size: 16" x 20" Framed: 25" x 29.5"
Condition:Excellent Restored Condition
Original Use:Calendar Art
Price:$4,500.00 $3,600.00

Framed view


The artist's signature, lower right




A bucolic, wholesome, Americana calendar painting titled Supper Call, by Hy Hintermeister, which dates from around 1930. A young, fresh-faced girl and her loyal canine companion, a collie, are sounding the alarm as their supper cooked over an open fire is ready for consumption. These types of traditional, simple scenes played well with the American population during the lean years of The Great Depression. Painting is handsomely framed in a period wide profile oak frame and is in good restored condition.




Verso view of old canvas on original pine stretchers


Verso title label detail


Henry Hintermeister (b. 1897 / d. 1970)

Henry Hintermeister was born in 1897 in New York.

His father John Henry Hintermeister was an illustrator as well.  Father and son often worked as a duo, from the 1890's to the 1940's, under the pseudonym Hy Hintermeister.  They became well known producing over 1,000 of illustrations; John Henry and Henry were often compared to Norman Rockwell with their illustration storytelling.  The duo produced a series of calendars depicting American history from 1775-1787.  They used identical signatures making their illustrations nearly impossible to distinguish.


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