Provocative Pre-Pin-Up Redheaded Beauty

Artist:Henri Rondel
Date:c. 1905
Medium:Oil on canvas
Dimensions:Sight Size: 20" x 23" Framed View: 10.75" x 13.5"
Original Use:Calendar art for Osborne Calendar Company
Price:$3,500.00 $2,800.00

Full view in ornate gesso frame


Artist's signature, lower left corner. Please note pinhole from photography process for calendar.


On offer is a spectacularly erotic French pre-pin up portrait of a Victorian redheaded maiden in very low cut gown by Henri Rondel. The artist was known for his sumptuous portraiture that juxtaposed the refined faces of French beauties with states of shocking undress. This example was acquired by the Osborne Art Company for use in a calendar circa 1905-1910. The verso of the canvas and stretcher bars show Osborne inventory sticker and numbering system. Please note: the item # Osborne used is 1917, that does not refer to a year.

The work is spectacularly framed in it's original gold gilt elaborate antique Victorian frame and ready to hang and enjoy.




Artist nameplate


Ornate frame corner profile detailing


Verso view of stretchers


Verso detail of Osborne Art Company inventory label


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