Men's Magazine Interior Art

Artist:Rafael DeSoto
Medium:Gouache on Illustration Board
Dimensions:16" X 20"
Original Use:Interior illustration for Men's Magazine
Price: $2,950.00



The artist's signature, upper right


Matted and shrink wrapped view

This greyscale gouache by Rafael DeSoto showcases a number of island girls being led by a Native warrior towards what we can only imagine is an American GI or other hero. We have yet to find the publication where this appeared, but know from the notations in the margins of the board that it was part of a page 18-19 spread in a November issue of a men's adventure magazine in the late 1950s/early 1960s.  Likely For Men Only, but we can't say for sure.



Full view of unframed illustration


Verso view


Bottom margin publication specifics


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